Kuark Forest

The cool temperate rainforests of the Kuark Forest evolved from ancient species that were growing on the supercontinent of Gondwana hundreds of millions of years ago. Some parts of the Kuark Forest are reminiscent of Tasmania’s awe-inspiring cool temperate rainforests, while incredibly, other places look more like the sub-tropical jungle pockets of northern New South Wales.
The Kuark Forest is home to several rare, threatened and endangered species such as the delicate Slender Tree-Fern, the elusive and critically endangered East Gippsland Galaxias fish and Australia’s largest gliding marsupial, the Greater Glider.
Much of the rare overlap rainforest, in which cool-temperate species mingle with warm-temperate species, has not yet been mapped by scientists. Even today, important botanical discoveries are still constantly being made, revealing even richer diversity in these forests than was previously thought.